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Catalogue Number: 
10 - 4002 HD
25 X 3 swabsticks per box

Lemon Glycerine Swabsticks for Oral Hygiene


Cotton headed polypropylene stick saturated with lemon flavoured glycerine sealed per 3 units in a foil pouch. 


Lemon-glycerine swabsticks for oral hygiene. 
Lemon-Swab® swabsticks rely on tangy citrus flavor to stimulate the patient’s taste buds and excite the salivary glands. For added effectiveness, the swabsticks are supplemented with a second water-producing catalyst, glycerine, to stimulate the salivary glands. Effective for patients with parched lips, patients on oxygen or fluid restrictions, comatose patients on IV’s and as a part of routine oral care in elderly patients.






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