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D-Dimer Check 1 - Veda Lab

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10 Tests
Whole blood, Citrated-Plasma

Qualitative determination of D-Dimer in whole blood or citrated-plasma samples


Fibrinogen is one of the main proteins of the blood coagulation system. As a result of the blood coagulation, thrombin is activating fibrinogen into fibrin monomers which are leading to clots formation (1). Fibrin clots are then digested by plasmin and D-Dimer, which is the main and the smallest component of fibrin clots lysis, is released into the bloodstream. The presence of D-Dimer in blood samples is an indicator of various coagulation disorders, including deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism (PE) (2, 3) and atherosclerosis. D-Dimer assay is a widely used and simple exclusion method of DVT and PE (4) which is, in addition, not requiring any expensive laboratory instruments (5, 6). 
In healthy individuals, D.Dimer concentration in blood is less than 400 ng /mL FEU (FEU: Fibrin Equivalent Unit).
The D-DIMER-CHECK-1 is a rapid screening test for the detection of D-Dimer in citrated plasma and whole blood samples. 
Depending on the D-Dimer concentration, different lines will appear in the reading window, allowing the quantitative measurements of D-Dimer, when used in combination with the VEDALAB’s rapid test readers.