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D-Dimer Check 1 - Veda Lab

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10 Tests
Whole Blood, Citrated-Plasma

Qualitative determination of D-Dimer in whole blood or citrated-plasma samples


Fibrinogen is one of the main proteins of the blood coagulation system. As a result of the blood coagulation, thrombin is activating fibrinogen into fibrin monomers which are leading to clots formation. Fibrin clots are then digested by plasmin and D-Dimer, which is the main and the smallest component of fibrin clots lysis, is released into the bloodstream. The presence of D-Dimer in blood samples is an indicator of various coagulation disorders, including deep venous thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism (PE) and atherosclerosis. D-Dimer assay is a widely used and simple exclusion method of DVT and PE which does not, in addition, require any expensive laboratory instruments. In healthy individuals, D-Dimer concentration in blood is less than 400 - 500 ng/mL FEU (FEU: Fibrin Equivalent Unit).


Assay Time: 15 minutes

Sample Type: Citrated-Plasma, Whole Blood