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At the beginning of 2015, MSH-Belgium granted MD Doctors Direct the privilege of distributing their Harm Reduction, Medical Waste and Disinfection products.

MD Doctors Direct is proud to provide sales and technical support to all new and existing MSH Belgium customers in Switzerland. We look forward to introducing our clientele to our new area of business which includes among others products manufactured by the Frontier Medical Group, Hospidex-France and PDI.

MSH (Medical Scientific Huart), situated in Tienen Belgium, was founded in 1986..

MD Doctors Direct, situated in Egg bei Zürich Switzerland, was founded in 1991..

Together we bring you over a half century of innovative exclusive health-care products and outstanding customer service!

Containers for the safe disposal of clinical and medicinal sharps incorporating the Clinisafe, Sharpsafe, Quiver, Septifas & Hospisafe brands.

Harm Reduction products including Nevershare needles, filters, pre-packaged spoons with filters, pre-packaged harm reduction flash kits, bulk items for flash kits, alcohol prep pads and acidifiers.

Infection Control aids comprised of impregnated pads and swabs such as PDI Alcohol Prep Pads®, Alco-Swab®, Benza-Clean®, Lemon-Swab®.

We are delighted to introduce you to the MSH-Belgium range and hope you will contact MD Doctors Direct soon for more information!